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The 20 pull-ups challenge

You would like to be able to do 20 pull-ups … but it is hard to find the motivation and keep focused?

Challenge yourself!

Let the world know you want to do this and from that moment it will be way harder to back off.

Register here and we will list your name on this page. If you also like to, we will add in the list a link to your website.

Follow the challenge on Twitter

We also created a Twitter account dedicated to this challenge:

If you send us your Twitter address we will follow it from the challenge account. You can also follow our account to receive updates about the 20 Pull-ups Challenge and to see who else is doing it and how far they got.

The challengers

Name / Link Twitter Account
20 Pull-ups Program 20 Pull-ups Challenge on Twitter
Jan Pelikan
Donald Trigger
James Miller
Jonathan Payne
Michael Williams
Jose Guevara
Charles Cunningham
Bobby Holmes
Dylan Johnson
Gareth Huyton
Mel Huyton
Satu Kruus
Zack Young FitnessFanatic
John C. Tedder
Steve from Project Swole Project Swole on Twitter
Charles R. Jenkins
Kelli Clemson
Al Kavaldo Completed the Challenge
Marcus Almeid
Jesus Alberto Lima
Vipin Kathuria I can do 100 pull ups in 20 mins
Brandon Bosch
Stephanie Nelson
Jason Ripple Jason Ripple on Twitter
Ali Ahmed

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By popular demand the 20 Pull-ups Training Program Forum is now up and running.
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