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Before you start

Before starting any physical training program it is very important to consult a licensed physician. Talk to your physician about the specifics of this training program and get clearance. Remember, what you really want is to improve your physique not to hurt yourself!

To start this program you need access to a sturdy horizontal bar placed at an appropriate height. You can find it in any gym, parks or you can install one in your home gym. Here is how to select your pull-up bar and how to install a pull-up bar in your home gym.

You can conveniently purchase a pull-up bar from our secure 20 Pull-Ups Program Store. Simply seach for “pull-up bar” and add the desired bar to your shopping cart.

The first step into this program is to test your initial level. This is a simple step but it might prove to be a humbling one.

  • Choose a moment when your back and arms are rested
  • Warm up! It is very important to always start your training session with warm-up.
  • Try to do as many pull-ups as you can.
  • Note the number of repetitions if you are still able to hold a pen.

It might happen that you don’t manage even one repetition. You just hang like dead weight. Don’t despair! There is hope! This program works wonders even if you start at level 0. You just need to start with assisted pull-ups or a easier chin-ups training program.

Next step

Repetitions What to do next
less than 4
  • Follow this program with assisted pull-ups for at least 4 weeks
  • Rest for a week
  • Re-test yourself and start the regular program from your new level
5 to 20 Follow the regular program for 6 to 8 weeks
more than 20 You probably already know what you are doing. However this program will propell you to the next level. Remember it was designed with breaking a world record in mind.

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